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HobbyWing X8 CW Agriculture Drone...

Price ₹17,700.00

The X8 propulsion system, which integrates motor, ESC, propeller and motor mount (with the stock/standard tube adapter, it’s compatible with 30mm&35mm diameter carbon fiber arm tubes together, is easy to mount and use.

HobbyWing X9 Agriculture Drone...

Price ₹42,480.00

Within 2 Weeks to Delivery

The x9B power system combo with an light-weight structure design integrates motor, ESC and motor mount together to make the installation & use simple and easy. (Note: the carbon fiber tube with a diameter of 40mm is needed here.)

Hobbywing X6 Plus CW Agriculture...

Price ₹12,980.00

The X6 propulsion system, which integrates motor, ESC,

propeller and motor mount (with the optional 30-to-28 tube adapter,
it’s compatible with 28mm&30mm diameter carbon fiber arm tubes)
together, is easy to mount and use.