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Micro servo 9g - SG90 for Drones

Price ₹147.50

We have imported this copy of original TowerPro SG90 9g Mini Servo from our trusted supplier. Though it is the copy of the original Mini SG90 TowerPro servo’s, this motor shows some of the excellent operational characteristics so we are selling it as Standard Quality Servo Motor. The good optimized performance and reliability of this servo have made it the favorite choice of many RC hobbyists.

Tower Pro MG90S - Metal Gear Servo Motor

Price ₹224.20

Getting an original TowerPro Servo Motor is not an economical option at all!!! And is also a very difficult task to recognize and buy an original TowerPro servo, Because there are many suppliers spread over different online shops who are selling fake servo motors under this Brand name.

Tower Pro MG995 Metal Gear Servo...

Price ₹348.10

We have imported this copy of original TowerPro MG995 High-Speed Servo from our trusted supplier. Though the motor is the copy of the original High-Speed TowerPro MG995 servo, it is compatible with all the applications that use the genuine TowerPro MG995 servo because of its same size, comparable quality, and optimized performance.