Balsa wood 1000mm*100mm*3mm


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This is 3mm balsa wood sheets. This is generally used for making of aeroplane wings. It can be used as a cover after making the ribs and the spars. This can be cut with a blade or a knife easily. It can also be glued together to form smooth surface. 


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Material: Balsa Wood
Color: Wood White
Size (L*W): 1000x100mm
Thickness: 3mm 
Applications: Aircraft model, sculpture, light of wooden sailing, pagoda bridge, film props, science, military model etc.
1. Light wood production, after polishing, the surface is smooth without burr.
2. Color clean white, free to paint, color pigment, or mark etc.
3. It is one of essential model and DIY materials which can be used to make a model plane, sculpture, boat, house model, etc.

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