1mm * 1000mm Pultruded Carbon Fiber Solid Rod


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Carbon fiber Soild Rod is the ultimate push rod since it contains 95% unidirectional carbon fiber running longitudinally and is covered with a light glass scrim.

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1 x1000mm Carbon Fiber Rods:

  This design offers a high stiffness to weight ratio and makes this tube ideal for 1/4 scale aircraft pushrods,  slope soarer ,motor racing and helicopter tail booms, as well as reinforcement rods in light weight constructions such as model cars, musical instruments, trade show presentations, perhaps its most common use in recreational sports equipment like kites and radio-controlled models .etc.


  • Diameter: 1 MM 
  • Length: 1000MM
  • Type: Pultruded
  • Weight : 30g (of one rod)
  • Material:  Carbon Fiber(vinyl-ester or epoxy Carbon)
  • Fiber Density:0.4-0.8g/cm3
  • Production Glass Transition Temperature :1500C-1900C
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient : Small 

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