Glass Fiber Cloth 250 GSM - 1 Meter


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This light weight 250gsm woven glass fabric is a very high performance E glass perfect for more advanced composites use. At 250gsm the fabric is the weight of choice for projects such as radio controlled planes, UAVs, robotics and other precision applications.


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The product is compatible with Polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, and epoxy resin. 
Stitched mat is mostly primarily in pultrusion, RTM, filament winding, compression molding and hand lay up processes.
It is widely used in pipe lining, pultrusion section, storage tanks, FRP boat, insulation panel etc.  

Product features:
·         No powder or emulsion, quickly wet through and wet-out in resins
·         High tensile strength, light weight, good surface performace in FRP process
·         Good physical and chemical properties, and easy design to solution
·         Superior acid corrosion resistance
·         Easy for cutting in any sizes suitable for the mold 

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